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When account is taken of additional private health insurance income of €79 million, this is equivalent to a net reduction of €183m compared to the 2011 allocation of €13,748m.
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Using injectable contraception for many years might lead to more bone thinning
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Natrium; Epalrestat; Fidarestat; Imirestat; Linogliride; Linogliride; MCC-555; Minalrestat; NZ-314; Pioglitazone;
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treated patients showed, after a 24 hours interval, a significative (P-0.001) reduction of anthranilic
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A combination of non-drug therapies appears to work just as well as drug therapy in improving pain, depression, and disability
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Chrysin is found in vegetables and in citrus fruit
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When the last drop of hot water goes down, I’m left with the two squares at the bottom of my glass
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All Safeway pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are now preparing for the nationwide launch of the smoking cessation service — an important contribution to public health.
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